Acute Care Nursing Tower

Acute Care Nursing Tower

The Acute Care Nursing Tower will be transformed with the addition of all new or fully renovated private patient rooms. Each area of specialty in the hospital will have space specifically designed to meet the unique care needs of each patient. Elevating the patient experience through renovated spaces for Medical, Intensive Care, Pediatrics, Post Surgical, Obstetrics, newborns and Joint Center patients will help ensure the best possible outcomes for each individual.

ICU / Medical / Pediatrics

ICU / Medical / Pediatrics

The 3rd floor is equipped to provide a variety of medical services to our patients. With an Intensive Care Unit, Medical/Telemetry Unit, and Pediatrics Unit, this floor is committed to treating patients in critical conditions or those in need of continual heart monitoring. This floor also provides care for infants, children and adolescents in need of medical treatment and support.

Precious Beginnings

Precious Beginnings

The 4th floor will be the home to our new Precious Beginnings maternity suites. Each suite will feature spacious private labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) rooms designed for personalized nursing care for mom and baby. Very few hospitals in the area provide LDRP rooms that allow mom and baby to remain together throughout their entire stay without changing rooms. A new surgical suite will be close by in the event a C-section is necessary.


Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

On the 5th floor, our Behavior Health unit will specialize in meeting the mental health needs of adults and seniors in our area with the appropriate caregivers, resources and facilities for the best possible care.

Repurposed / Flexible Space

Repurposed / Flexible Space

The 6th floor of the Acute Care Tower will be built to allow for expansion and flexibility in the many years to come.

Operating Rooms

Operating Rooms

Our new and renovated operating rooms help our Medical Staff better care for our valued patients. Updates in technology and architecture, along with patient-centered design, allow our surgeons, nurses and other caregivers to treat those undergoing minor, serious or life-threatening procedures.

Post Surgical / Joint Center

Post Surgical / Joint Center

Our Post-Surgical Unit specializes in treating a variety of patients who have undergone surgery. Our Joint Center provides clinical expertise from joint specialists on mobility-related issues and joint replacement. Both units are located on the 4th floor.

Connecting Corridor

Connecting Corridor

Our new Lobby Connector joins the main entrance of our facility to the Acute Care Tower as well as the outpatient surgery waiting area. For patients, visitors and staff, the addition will improve navigation throughout the facility.



Patients, residents and their loved ones can seek additional support from our Medical Center Chapel. We recognize the need for spiritual guidance through difficult times, and encourage patients and residents, along with their family members and friends, to utilize the Chapel.

Healing Garden

Healing Garden

Our Long-Term Care Healing Garden provides an option of therapeutic relief to our residents and a space to share with their family and friends.

Additional healing gardens will be integrated throughout the Medical Center to support our belief of a well-rounded and stable recovery process for each patient’s journey toward wellness.

Hospice Suites

Hospice Suites

To continue to offer high quality end-of-life care, this project will also add two additional hospice suites offering a truly special environment for the patient and their loved ones who are recipients of FAMC’s hospice services.

Short Stay Recovery & Rehab

Short Stay Recovery & Rehab

Within A. J. Merrick Manor, our skilled care nursing patients will find newly built space designed to meet the specialized needs for short stay recovery and rehab care.

A. J. Merrick Manor

A. J. Merrick Manor

In continuation of our tradition of providing top quality long term care, A. J.  Merrick Manor will be transformed to meet the modern care needs for our residents and the necessary support spaces for our staff.  This will include a combination of renovated and newly built private and semi-private rooms that feel like home– offering larger, more comfortable space with modern handicap accessible restroom facilities.


Sleep Center

A new two-bed Sleep Center will be added with the amenities of home, including a separate entrance.

  • Outpatient Waiting Area
  • Patient Room 2
  • Patient Hall
  • Nurses Station
  • NICU
  • Family Area
  • Short Term Rehab
  • Chapel
  • Hospice Suite
  • Hospice Lounge
  • Hospice Bath

Why FAMC, Why Now?

At Fremont Area Medical Center planning is underway for an exciting new project designed to transform the way we provide health care in Fremont for generations to come.

Building a Healthy Future is a multifaceted project focused on supporting our mission of improving health and wellness in our community while elevating the patient and resident experience along with providing the best possible environment for our physicians and staff to work and provide care.

To meet the ever changing needs of our patients and residents the Building a Healthy Future project will feature a mix of facility enhancements, technology improvements designed to improve care processes and health care delivery to ensure the highest quality of care close to home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Master Facility Plan?

This is a comprehensive plan to address a wide range of facility issues, including space needs, space adjacencies, building infrastructure, and campus access.  Many of these projects would need to be done at some point in the near future but we have chosen to look at the overall facility and create a master plan to address our biggest priorities.

What are the key elements addressed in this plan?

  • Patient and resident room size (including handicap accessible restrooms)
  • Facility age and infrastructure (i.e., mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.)
  • Campus access (i.e., main entrance, Clarkson Street, etc.)
  • New or renovated facilities in the region threatening our competiveness
  • Opportunities for operational efficiencies
  • Opportunity to add an additional and needed service line (i.e., inpatient psychiatry)
  • Position our overall facility and organization for the next 30 years of use

What’s wrong with current patient rooms?

Current rooms were built in the early 70’s and weren’t designed to meet the needs of modern patient care. New or renovated rooms will almost double in size and will accommodate current technology, handicap accessible restrooms, ample space for family and visitors and appropriate space for clinical staff and physician needs. Current rooms are 180 sq. ft. while the national average is 300 sq. ft. New rooms are designed with a zone approach including appropriate spaces for the patient, clinical, hygiene and family zones.

Many of the rooms in A. J. Merrick Manor were built over 50 years ago and are in need of significant improvements to address modern patient care needs in a senior living environment.  New rooms will address space needs, including handicap accessible restrooms and offer significant energy efficiencies.

Is this project in line with other healthcare construction projects in the area?

This project will help FAMC ensure we remain competitive when it comes to facilities our patients expect and will help ensure we maintain current and future inpatient market share.  From a room size perspective this new design will keep us in line with others in the region and on par with the national average. From an overall strategic perspective, we believe our project will put us in a better position than our competitors as our plan will build space appropriate for our inpatient census while also offering flexibility in how the space is used. Many of our competitors in the areas have unnecessarily added additional inpatient beds that current projections do not support.

If you are reducing overall bed count for inpatient care why do you need an addition to the building?

First, there is a clear need to increase our room size to meet modern patient care needs and to do this we are significantly increasing current room sizes to be in line with the local market and national average. Additionally, given our current footprint limitation and the opportunities to create operational efficiencies in acute care, the best approach calls for two larger floors for inpatient hospital care. Working with two floors of acute care and having the ability to have multiple units within the same hospital floor offers significant efficiencies and new options for patient care. This approach also opens up space and allows us to add the inpatient behavioral health service line, a much need service in our community and service area.

Are you adding beds in long term nursing care or skilled nursing care?

No. We will actually decrease our skilled nursing beds and the overall bed capacity will decrease from 112 beds to 109 beds. The spaces will be used differently and will meet modern patient care needs but we will not grow beyond our existing bed count.  Parts of A. J. Merrick Manor will be torn down and rebuilt due to the age and condition of the structure. The newer parts of the current space will be renovated. In the end the space will have larger restrooms, room sizes to meet modern needs along with appropriate support spaces.

Skilled nursing/short term rehab will remain physically located near A. J. Merrick Manor.  There will be newly built space, complete with private dining and community rooms, designed to meet specialized needs for short-stay recovery and rehab care.

How are you paying for this project?

FAMC has long been planning for this type of project and a longer range financial plan has been crafted to address the financing needs of this project. This project will be paid for through existing cash, long term financing, and future operational cost savings along with additional support from philanthropy from the community. In much of the same way you might finance your home this project will use future earnings to pay for much of this project over a period of time. The timing for the project is good given the market for financing and construction projects. Given the 30 year life we expect from this project and cost savings from new efficiencies this project will essentially cost a million dollars a year – well within the capacity of the FAMC budget.


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